4 Great Decking Ideas

A deck does not necessarily have to be used on its own or as it is. There are many ways a deck can enhance your property and your lifestyle. Here are some ways you can use a deck creatively to spruce up your space.


1. Use decks as entrance

Deck as entrance

Use decks as a way to spruce up your entrance. Decks don’t necessarily have to sit in your backyard or your patio. They can be used to bring interest to an empty corner. Decks can provide depth, height, texture and colour to an otherwise uninspiring space. Adding a deck can transform a bare area into a point of interest.


2. Stain your deck

Deck stained

Stain your deck to bring depth and richness to your outdoor space using colour. Staining can even bring an old deck back to life by adding vibrancy and added saturation to it. A stained finish also provides a layer of protection and sheen to your deck. As decks are always exposed to the elements, this layer of protection is a welcome addition.

Deck stained


3. Combine a deck with a pergola

Deck and pergola

Combine a deck and a pergola, and you get a great combination for your outdoor lifestyle. Get the benefit of having protection under your feet, as well as shade from the sun or the rain. By combining a deck and a pergola, you can get the best of both worlds. You don’t need to compromise your comfort to live your outdoor lifestyle to the fullest.


4. Add a timber screen to your deck

Deck and timber screen

Add a timber screen to your deck to provide privacy and protection to an outdoor area. They can also increase the aesthetic appeal of a deck. Timber screens do not only provide privacy and protection; they also help define an outdoor space, giving your deck a more finished and refined look.

Deck and timber screen