5 Home Repair Services You Don’t Know You Need

Are you a homeowner or a landlord? Has it been a little while since you’ve done any maintenance work on your building? Repair jobs can sneak up on you if you aren’t completing regular home maintenance. At Jim’s Building Maintenance, we offer a range of home repair services that can help you manage the upkeep of your building with ease. We’ve included 5 common repairs and improvements that homeowners often miss, as well as some information about how Jim’s Building Maintenance can help you service your property.

1. Window Caulking

Making sure your windows are sealed properly will help you avoid drafts in your home and keep moisture from entering your home. This small home improvement task can often go unnoticed because of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. You will thank your handyman come winter time when your house is tight and protected from paint peels and wood rot.

A lot of windows also have weep holes in the frame. Weep holes can protect wood from rotting over time by helping to drain any rainwater that your frame may have collected. Weep holes can become plugged over time with dirt and bugs, so it is important to have a handyman test your weep system to ensure any water damage is avoided.

2. Painting

This might be one of those home repair services that people choose to forget. Painting is no fun and for most people, it is an annoying chore that creeps up on you over time. It is important to re-paint your home for weather protection and since it is such a chore, why not ask one of our tradesmen to repaint your exterior. Professional preparation for painting maintenance is essential for long term results. Our upkeep team can prepare and maintain the exterior of your property and protect it from potential weather damage in the future.

Whilst repainting outside has obvious advantages, homeowners often forget that interior walls need some attention now and again too. Painting your interior walls can help you reduce any stains or fingerprints you may have collected on your walls over time, as well as minimise dust collection.

3. Roof guttering

home repair services

It’s hard to know if you need to repair your roof gutters without having someone climb up on your roof and have a look. Some of the tell-tale signs of a damaged gutter include stains around windows, leaks inside your home, rotting or chipped paint on exterior walls, and sagging or visibly cracked/rusted gutters. The problem with your gutter might be poor installation or just old age.Ask a professional to take a look at your gutters today and ensure no damage is occurring on your property. Gutter maintenance is one of the home repair services that people often forget because they have such a long-life span. If you don’t know how old your gutters are, it is best to have them checked now.

4. Reseal Outdoor Decking

If you have outdoor decking at your house, you should reseal it with deck stain every 2-3 years. Weather can degrade your deck over time, and maintenance is a task that most people forget before it is too late. Get in before the damage sets in and hire a handyman to stain your deck, as well as inspect the wooden joists underneath for wear and tear.

Ask a professional to clean and dry the surface before resealing the deck with the stain you have chosen. Take a look at this article about the best deck stains for more information about which stain is right for your home or contact us here at Jim’s Building Maintenance with any questions you may have.

5. Safety Additions

If you or one of your loved ones is getting older or having trouble with mobility, it is important to stay on top of house maintenance. You should take note of any areas around the house where you often run into issues. A common problem area for the elderly is the bathroom. Our tradesmen can take a look at your space and install anti-slip floor surfaces, handrails, and other general safety modifications. We can also add stair nosing to any steps you may have in your building.


At Jim’s Building Maintenance, we specialise in home repair services. Get on top of your forgotten home maintenance issues today with the help of our experienced tradesmen. You can book online today or contact us for a free quote.