Climbing Plants for Pergolas

Are you thinking about building a pergola? Invigorate your backyard today with a construction from Jim’s Building Maintenance.  After the building project is complete, you can decorate with a number of different climbing plants for pergolas. We’ve created a guide to some of our favourite creepers – check out the plants below and add a little life to your new back garden.


Leafy Creepers

After the pergola build is complete, you might want to create some natural shade. A living canopy can add a unique touch to your new arbour whilst protecting your family and friends from the sun. When it comes to leafy creepers, we have a few favourite suggestions. These climbers are lush and easy to encourage on your outdoor structure.

Crimson Glory

Glorious in name and nature, this vine has beautiful decorative foliage that turns red during autumn. A luscious green for the rest of the year, this vine can add variety to your garden. The crimson glory grows quickly and thrives in full sun to partially shaded environments. Grow the glory along free standing posts with loose ties for support.

Golden Hop

When it comes to climbing plants for arbours, the Golden Hop is a classic. It has yellow leaves that transform into lime green during the year. The hop grows quickly and will add charming tendrils to your pergola. You can plant this vine in full sun or partial shade and it loves regular watering.

Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy grows rapidly and can provide a fast dressing for your new arbour. This plant loses its leaves in the winter and will allow the light to come through. The Boston attaches itself to structures with little sucker discs at the tip of their tendrils. In autumn, enjoy red, yellow, and purple coloured leaves.

Creeping Fig

This sneaky creeper will climb your outdoor space with little encouragement. The dainty, heart-shaped leaves are fast growing and low maintenance. They are very aggressive, so be sure to keep control of the plant if you don’t want to cover your entire home and damage the structure. It is drought tolerant though so if you are in a place with little water supply, this could be the fig for you.

Floral Climbing Plants

The perfect plant for your outdoor gazebo could be a flower. You can brighten up any outdoor setting with a splash of floral colour. A little love and encouragement will make your space energetic and unique. The following range of climbing plants for pergolas will help your outdoor construction bloom into life. Take a look at our favourite floral suggestions and shop around for the best bloom for your home.


Some of the best climbing roses include the Gold Bunny (yellow), the Lamarauqe (white), the Blackboy (crimson), and the Blossomtime (pink). There are so many varieties, this versatile plant will surely have a style that suits your home. Check out a spread of different climbing roses here.

Butterfly Pea

This climber is scrambling and originates in tropical Asia. With green foliage and startling blue sprouts, you can be sure that this vine will catch your eye. You can grow the Butterfly Pea at any time of the year and it loves the full sun. For areas suffering drought, this is the perfect plant. You can event eat the seed pods!


Building a pergola with the Jasmine flower will add a glorious scent to your entertainment area. The sweet-scented aroma will sneak up your pergola in a twining fashion – twisting around the beams and creating little tendrils. You can plant the Jasmine creeper at any time of the year but it will need a little encouragement to get started. Train this vine onto the supporting structure by attaching them loosely to a beam with a flexible tie (cut up pantyhose work well) and adjusting it over time.

For more fragrant flowers, check out this article.

Black Eyed Susan

The bright Black Eyed Susan plant is popular because of its cheerful colour and resilient nature. It is easiest to grow this vine from a cutting, but you can start from the seed. Susan’s rapid growth means that your gazebo will be decorated in no time.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to build a pergola with Jim’s Building Maintenance. Liberate your outdoor living space with a brand-new structure and cheerful decorative plants. Watch your backyard blossom into functional outdoor life today.