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Why You Should Get a Professional for Building a Pergola

If you want to add a pergola to your backyard, it is important to consider why you need to have a professional do it for you.Building a pergola is not an easy task and if you make a misstep, the structure of the entire thing is placed in jeopardy. Below, we will go over some reasons why you need to go ahead and make the leap and hire a professional.

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What Types of Service is a Local Handyman Suited For?

local handyman can prove to be of great value for you. He can perform a number of tasks that are required in the home. From repairing a broken bench to installing an electrical bulb or fixing a broken pipe, handyman services can help you in maintaining your home. The following are a few of the services that are suitable for a handyman.

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When DIY is Not the Best Plan

If you own a home, you have a to-do list. That is just a fact of life. Home ownership is an amazing adventure, but it is also a lot of work. There are many home repairs  that you can do yourself: you most likely would not hire a professional to change a lightbulb. Changing a light switch, however, is a different situation. Unless you are an electrician by trade, this is not a repair that you would want to tackle on your own. That is when you should call a reputable, professional company like Jim’s Building Maintenance.

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Most Common Home and Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Make

Home and renovation mistakes happen all of the time and they are much more common than you may think. It is important that before you start any renovation projects, you are fully prepared.

Want to know what the most common mistakes homeowners tend to make are? Keep reading on below.

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3 Reasons You Should Think About Carpentry Services

The wooden furniture in your home is made by skilled carpenters who are experts at cutting wood and transforming logs into beautiful masterpieces. Most people think that carpentry services are only required when you are planning on buying some new custom-made furniture items. However, this is not true. There are a number of other instances where the services of a carpenter are required.

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New Year, New Bathroom. Our Best tips for Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane.

Brisbane is heating up this summer, but you can keep your house cool by updating your bathroom. Freshen up your home in the new year with our best bathroom renovation tips. At Jim’s Building Maintenance, we are bathroom specialists. Why not hire one of our qualified tradesmen today and make your new year’s bathroom dream a reality. We have included cheap tips for updating bathrooms Brisbane residents can’t resist, as well as some great local shops where you can get inspiration.

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4 Great Decking Ideas

A deck does not necessarily have to be used on its own or as it is. There are many ways a deck can enhance your property and your lifestyle. Here are some ways you can use a deck creatively to spruce up your space.

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5 Home Repair Services You Don’t Know You Need

Are you a homeowner or a landlord? Has it been a little while since you’ve done any maintenance work on your building? Repair jobs can sneak up on you if you aren’t completing regular home maintenance. At Jim’s Building Maintenance, we offer a range of home repair services that can help you manage the upkeep of your building with ease. We’ve included 5 common repairs and improvements that homeowners often miss, as well as some information about how Jim’s Building Maintenance can help you service your property.

1. Window Caulking

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Our Guide for Bathroom Renovators in Melbourne

Are you a Melbourne resident with a tired old bathroom? Renovate your room in style this winter with our tips for bathroom renovators Melbourne. We have a bunch of great design ideas as well as the best places to find bathroom supplies in your area. Once you’ve decided on your favourite ideas, get in touch with our team – we’d be happy to help you on your way to a new luxurious space.

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