Jim’s Handyman services are not just for residential properties; we also offer a full range of maintenance and repair options for corporate and commercial buildings across the board.

First impressions count

Take a look around your building, can you see any of the following?

  • Paint that is fading, peeling or flaking;
  • Wooden doors and floorboards that groan or squeak;
  • Taps that drip or leak;
  • Cracks in your walls or ceilings.

If you’re able to spot any of these, it’s likely your customers are too. First impressions are so vital in business and tired buildings can turn away customers.

Let Jim’s restore your commercial premises back to its former glory and watch the difference it makes.

All jobs, large and small

Jim’s Handyman services can take care of all of your minor repair and maintenance jobs in your commercial space. However, we also pride ourselves on the big jobs as well, including;

  • Large-scale timber projects including replacement and repair works;
  • Restoration of furniture;
  • Modification of desks and other office furniture;
  • Replacement and repair of custom desks and furniture;
  • Interior timber work including skirting boards, doors and windows.

Our experts have the solutions for all of the jobs needed in your commercial building – call us today to find out how we can help you today.

The Jim’s guarantee

All of our commercial work comes with the Jim’s guarantee of quality results and cutting-edge materials. Beyond this, you will receive the highest standards of customer service and workmanship, all covered under warranty so any faults will be fixed free of charge.

Many people renovate their homes, but often forget about their businesses. If your commercial property is not looking its best, potential clients could be turning away. You could be losing sales. It’s time to call Jim’s Handyman for all your Commercial Building Maintenance.

Our skilled tradesmen can easily renovate, repair, rejuvenate, and maintain your commercial property. Leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Don’t forget about our Jim’s Peace of Mind Guarantee. This covers all work carried out by the Jim’s Handyman team. It also ensures that you will receive a superior level of customer service and outstanding results.

As well as making your business stand out in crowd, a freshly renovated and well-maintained workplace encourages staff productivity. Happy workers make the best workers. Don’t delay contacting Jim’s Handyman for professional commercial building maintenance.


  • Faded, or flaky paint
  • Squeaky doors or floorboards
  • Leaking taps
  • Cracks in the walls or ceiling

When someone walks into a business, whether it be a shop, office, or any other commercial building, first impressions last. So, if your business checks any of these boxes, it’s time to give Jim’s Handyman a call. We will transform your business into a place you can be proud of.