Jim’s Handyman door and window replacements and repairs

Your doors and windows are the gateways to your home – but are yours starting to grow tired? Do they look like they’ve seen better days?

The team at Jim’s Handyman services can provide all of your door and window repair and replacement needs. From minor works, all the way up to large-scale installation – we’re backed by the latest models, all designed to improve the look and security of your property.

Upgrade your doors to the latest styles and designs

Jim’s Handyman services can install a range of modern doors including window panelling and aluminium designs that are sturdy and will resist damage caused by the elements, termites and other factors.

Beyond the basics, we can repair your existing door as well – with painting and hinge replacements apart of our offering. And if you’re in need of a new set of security screen doors or windows, let our team install the perfect solution for your space.

Window repairs and improved security

No job is too big or too small for our lineup of expert professionals. Able to replace your windows with sleek and secure products, we’ll ensure you’ve got the best model in place.

Jim’s can also take care of the repair, maintenance, replacement and installation of sliding windows and secure glass sliding doors.

Call Jim’s Handyman services on 0800 454 654 today or fill out our simple online form with the details of the job you would like carried out on your windows and doors. A franchise located near you will be in touch with a free, no-obligation quote as soon as possible.


If you would like to upgrade your current doors to be aluminium, then add that to the list of skills that Jim’s Handyman has to help you. There are numerous benefits to having aluminium based doors at your home; including making sure termites aren’t going to make your home their next meal.

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