Expert renovations and modifications

Your home is your pride and joy, but it’s likely you’re always spotting new things to fix and do up.

We have all looked around our home and dreamed of what changes we could make, from a modification or two here, all the way up to a full home renovation.

These projects can sit on the backburner for years, with costs, time and disruptions common reasons for not pulling the trigger and getting them done.

Jim’s Handyman services can help you overcome all of these factors, with affordable, high-quality, tailor-made solutions for your home renovation. Instead of dwelling about everything that needs to be done, let our experts do it all for you.

Solutions for all budgets

The word ‘renovation’ can be daunting for any homeowner, with the associated costs the immediate baulking point.

Jim’s Handyman services want to put your mind at ease. We are not looking to extract every dollar possible from your project. Our aim is to create a solution that suits your budget, ensuring you get the renovation and modifications you desire.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote and you will immediately see the Jim’s difference.

Enjoy your home while the work is being completed

Another block for some homeowners is the disruption to their lives while renovation works are being carried out.

Jim’s Handyman services won’t be running contractors through your home at random times of the day. Instead, we meticulously schedule all works and advise you of what is happening and when, so you’re always kept in the loop.

Contact us for your free quote

Call Jim’s Handyman services on 0800 454 654 or send us a description of your renovation and modification desires through our online form and a local professional provide you with a free quote.

Does The Cost Scare You?

Well if that is the case, that might possibly be the easiest problem to solve. Give Jim’s Handyman a call to book in your free no obligation quote that is tailored to you and your budget.  And don’t worry, this does not mean  you will end up with dodgy, low quality workmanship in your home. It just means we are willing to work with you to ensure you will be satisfied once the job is complete.

Does The Renovation Scheduling Scare You?

If your worried about having all different contractors/workers trying to work around each other, you don’t need to be.  Jim’s Handyman have it all sorted, not only are we use to working with numerous teams/ companies and competitors harmoniously, we can take charge of the entire day-to-day running’s of the project and assist you by ensuring everything stays on track, on time & on budget.

Need More Assurance?

Well don’t forget, that just like all Jim’s divisions the workmanship is guaranteed, so you know that the final product,
will at the very least meet your expectations, if not exceed them.